Project management, construction contracting and supervision

We provide services to housing companies in project management, construction contracting and the supervision of renovation projects.

Our services for housing companies cover project management, property development and the supervision of renovation projects. Depending on the size of the housing company and the project, we form an agile and appropriately sized construction contracting organisation to assist in questions related to construction and technical building systems and in the housing company’s decision-making.

We are a suitably sized operator for projects of every scale, from the procurement of a garbage shed to the project management and supervision of plumbing or facade renovations.

Communication with residents and shareholders

Communication is our key area of expertise, and we take into account the various requirements of residents and shareholders.

Turnkey contracts and joint action models

We understand the central contracting models in the industry and apply them as needed. We select the contract type that matches the goals and needs of your project and is suitable for the project phase.

Competitive tendering of contracts

Smaller contracts can be tendered out with a faster and more lightweight process compared with larger projects. We know the best professionals in the industry and can offer our knowledge and networks for your housing company. We will prepare the necessary contracts for the projects.

Project manager

The project manager acts as the head of the project and directs and supervises its progress in accordance with your goals and the project contracts.

Worksite supervision

Our worksite supervisor ensures that the project is implemented as planned. The supervision of each site is planned individually, acknowledging their unique requirements. Supervision takes place through worksite inspections and the compiling of written documentation. The worksite supervisor takes part in site meetings and other agreed discussions and handles potential additional and alteration work required at the site.