TDD and EDD risk analysis

When property is sold, purchased or leased for a long period, it is often necessary to identify the risks that may accompany the transaction and may increase expenses, with a view from several perspectives. Technical and Environmental Due Diligence (TDD and EDD) are international terms for services used to analyse risks related to technical and environmental factors. 

When properties are purchased or sold, TDD and EDD reports provide a strong foundation for decision-making. In such cases, the purchaser and the vendor have information about the technical condition of the buildings on the property, as well as the current and future cost risks associated with forthcoming renovation requirements. Depending on the property, environmental factors related to the plot of land and the area may also give rise to substantial renovation requirements and thereby also cost risks. During the TEDD phase, the town planning status, easements and development opportunities of the area and property may also be studied.  When the risks and opportunities have been examined in sufficient precision, the weighted values can be assessed and used in price negotiations, and a decision can be made regarding whether to conclude the purchase.

Contaminated soil

We take into consideration the risks of environmental factors such as contaminated soil, and we understand the cost impacts of these.

Technical condition assessment

We have built up a wealth of experience in assessing the condition of buildings and properties through prior work on hundreds of sites. Assessments cover structural engineering and building services engineering.  

Harmful substances

We take into consideration harmful substances such as asbestos, as well as related legislation. We take harmful substances into consideration with regard to buildings and the rest of the property. 

Town planning status

Our experts include specialists in town planning and architects with knowledge of the special features of renovation construction. We highlight the opportunities related to the use and development of the property, as well as the potential limitations.