Rock and tunnel engineering

Our expertise in planning rock facilities is at your service. Expertise in the planning of underground spaces and rock cavern facilities is a crucial part of modern construction. It enables improving the efficiency of operations, additional services for the built environment, and the conservation of valuable pieces of nature and landscapes in, for example, road construction projects. We provide our services for both public and private sector operators.

The importance of underground construction is emphasized as the density of land use increases. Our planning aims to create solutions for our customers to improve operations, the environment and general quality of life by placing functions that do not necessarily need to be above the ground or those which may cause harm to residents or the environment, underground.  Our planning work adheres to a certified quality system and utilizes pioneering expertise in data modelling.

Architectural, general and principal planning of rock cavern facilities

Assessing the environmental and functional boundary conditions of rock cavern facilities and their planning to meet the customer’s requirements for the facility and its functions.

Rock engineering planning

We plan the underground  rock facilities, rock excavations or rock cutting work in accordance with space requirements. Our core expertise includes ensuring the structural stability of rock in the prevailing conditions with sizing calculations and planning the necessary compactions according to their purpose and environmental conditions.

Rock resource and feasibility studies

We assess the feasibility of the existing construction site and its boundary conditions, or alternatively find the optimal rock resources for the construction site while accounting for the prevailing local geological conditions.

Condition evaluations and repair planning of rock structures

The service life of rock cavern facilities and structures is confirmed with regular inspections. We provide condition evaluations for rock cavern facilities and structures and plan any necessary repairs to ensure the continued service life of the facilities or in the event that the site is repurposed.

Engineering geology services

We formulate a comprehensive situational picture and evaluate the local geology of the site with surveys, studies and the application of general geological knowledge.