Road planning

The starting point of our services is the concept that the planning and realisation of routes are part of a larger societal entity where the aim is a better living environment for all. As our customer, you get professional and high-quality consulting and planning services respective to traffic condi-tions, complemented by a straightforward service attitude.

Road and street planning has a long tradition in our company. Our many planning projects across the country are an indication of our professional skill. We offer consulting and planning services for the development of roads, streets and traffic conditions, from identifying projects to their im-plementation and maintenance. Whether a new route construction or improvement, development of an area’s activities, or an individual junction or pedestrian and cyclist route, we have the right people for the project. You will receive a presentation of the concrete impacts of the plans in an illustrative manner by means of data modelling and model views. We also employ interactive de-sign in all our planning work.

Preliminary surveys and guideline work

We extensively survey and conceptualise possible alternatives for route development and provide proposals that meet the stated objectives and are founded on tangible results. Our vast experience in all types of projects also provides a solid background for the compilation of various guidelines or policies.

General plans, area reservations plans and EIAs

The general planning stage is primarily concerned with a comprehensive impact identification and assessment in order to formulate acceptable, feasible and cost-efficient solutions. The planning work emphasises our wide range of expertise and efficient cooperation with different stakeholders. 

Road plans

The road planning stage focuses on the technical and financial feasibility of the solutions and the admissibility of the plans.

Construction plans

The construction planning stage delves into solutions for the implementation of particularities in terms of functionality, cost-efficiency and quality.

Worksite service tasks

We provide flexible service in matters related to clarifications and alterations at the worksite.

Maintenance expert services

Our professionals area available for the varied tasks related to maintenance. These tasks include issues related to inventories, status surveys, managing and planning structural improvement work, and planning surfacing and maintenance schedules.