Land use and urban development

We provide comprehensive plans with balanced solutions for the needs of land use, housing, traffic, services, industry and commerce and the environment. Our planning aims to improve the attractiveness and competitiveness of urban areas and centres and takes into account the needs and requirements of sustainable development.

Jenni Lautso
Director, Environmental and Urban Development
+358 40 594 3984

A multidisciplinary approach is our strength. Together with the traffic, environment and landscape experts at Sitowise, we assemble working groups that are optimal for our customers’ needs. We manage our projects including participation and communications professionally from start to finish. We aim at the development of economically, socially and ecologically sustainable areas. Various functions and modes of transportation are combined in sustainable masterplans and multidisciplinary development projects to create a diverse and living environment.  We utilise the latest efficient and interactive planning methods in our work. Sustainable planning helps solve urban challenges in a concrete way and allows enables cities to reach their full potential.

Conceptual plans, strategies and visions

Together with our clients, we create visions, strategies and development guidelines for sustainable land use of urban centres, business and commercial areas as well as recreational and tourism destinations.

Surveys and impact assessments

We have several years of experience in providing surveys, impact assessments and participation  processes related to zoning and land use planning.

General plans and town plans

We conceptualise, plan and formulate general plans and town plans in cooperation with our customers and stake holders. We provide comprehensive service related to planning projects. If needed our specialists can take care of all tasks related to zoning processes.

Quality and design manuals and urban plans for city districts and blocks

We make architectural and urban plans for buildings and city blocks to ensure the feasibility of our solutions. Construction guidelines and design manuals support and specify the development further.


Architectural design

As part of urban development projects, we produce architectural layouts, modelling and plans of, for example, railway station hub and their environs, city centres and business districts. We provide architectural design aimed at the implementation of municipal spaces, including staircases, tunnels and technical maintenance facilities such as electric substations.

Modelling and visualization

We design data and web models as well as visualizations in order to promote high-quality planning, genuine interaction and a better environment.

Sitowise Design is the community of design professionals working in visual creative fields under Sitowise company. The design community’s work is showcased on a separate website.

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