Third party reviews

We are the leading experts in structural engineering in Finland. We provide structural analyses, third-party reviews and consulting for building and industrial projects. Our expertise includes concrete, steel and composite structures in demanding projects.

We work in close cooperation with the construction contractor and designers. We analyse and review structural models, calculations and designs and determine the scope, method and cooperative procedures of the inspection on a case-by-case basis. Third-party reviews are relevant for new construction projects in which the effective structural design phase has yet to begin or under way. We utilise the latest tools for structural analysis.

The latest calculation tools in the industry to assist in inspection work

Third-party reviews for all types of demanding construction engineering projects

Residential projects, high-rise buildings, commercial and office premises and public buildings, industrial building, ports and power plants

Structural condition surveys and analyses

Structural analyses and statements related to existing buildings and structures as well as ancillary and extension building