Structural engineering

We are the leading experts in structural engineering in Finland. Our services cover structural engineering design as well as consulting and expert services.

Our expertise in structural engineering is a combination of reliability, technical proficiency and the ability to apply our skills into creative solutions. We achieve your goals while taking into account the project’s feasibility, lifecycle costs and environmental aspects. Building information modelling is also part of our daily operations.

Residential buildings

Our extensive range of design services includes residential buildings, terraced houses and sheltered homes. High-rise buildings of over 16 floors are our speciality. 

Commercial and office buildings and public buildings

We design commercial and office buildings as well as hybrid buildings that combine both functions. Our services cover high-rise residential, hotel and office buildings and their parking facilities.

Our public building services include educational institutions, research and laboratory facilities, daycare centres, libraries, sports facilities, hospitals, health clinics and sheltered housing. Our experts understand the special characteristics of public buildings, such as the versatile functionality of facilities, adaptability and the properties’ utilisation and lifecycle objectives.

Industry and logistics

Our design services cover demanding industrial and logistics construction, renovation and conversion projects. We have provided designs for customers in various fields, including the food, chemicals, paper, wood processing and mechanical engineering industries. We have also been involved in planning several demanding projects for port areas and nuclear power plant sites.

High-rise buildings

High-rise buildings are particularly demanding in terms of their structural analysis and construction. Residential, hotel and office buildings of over 16 floors in height are our specialty. Our design draws from our experience in high-rise projects both in Finland and internationally. We have also compiled a guideline on high-rise construction for the Finnish Building Information (RT) website. 

Building information modelling

We are a pioneer of building information modelling and digitalisation in structural design in Finland. We are continuously developing new methods in cooperation our infrastructure construction in order to develop urban planning and the data management required in building lifecycle services. In the structural design segment, we utilise Tekla Structures software. Our number of licences and users is continuously growing as our customers’ needs for modern data management and modelling increase.  

Expert services

Our designers and project managers are well-versed in legislation and regulations on the energy, environmental, land use and zoning issues related to construction. We develop the structural solutions of projects by applying the latest material and structural technologies. We use advanced simulation software to model the energy consumption and solutions of the project in cooperation with our technical building services specialists at Sitowise.