Fire safety engineering

In the fire safety design of buildings, we emphasise life safety, protection of property and practical system solutions.

We provide high-quality fire safety design and consulting for new construction and renovation projects. Our fire safety experts have experience from a broad range of professional backgrounds and are closely involved in the project throughout the design process. Our fire technical safety experts assess aspects such as the dimensioning of emergency exit routes, structural requirements and smoke and heat exhaust ventilation solutions of the building and the necessity of various fire safety systems. We utilise modern and efficient design tools to achieve results that are cost-effective and ensure fire safety.

Fire safety design

Fire safety designs for new construction and renovation projects, fire safety consulting and counselling, emergency evacuation safety assessments for hospitals and nursing institutions and firestop designs for demanding projects

Computational assessments

Performance based fire safety assessment (fire simulation), evacuation time calculations (evacuation simulation), risk analyses and fire engineering design of structures.

Smoke and heat exhaust ventilation

Smoke and heat exhaust ventilation, simulations, engineering and consulting applying to smoke and heat exhaust ventilation systems.

Fire safety expert opinions

Third-party expert opinions and fire safety assessments and enhancements for renovation projects

Fire safety services for companies

Fire safety training, fire safety audits and the organisation of fire safety drills

International services

Fire safety design and consulting in the Nordic and Baltic countries