Building automation design

Our building automation design is recognised for its high-quality plans that account for all technical areas. In particular, high-quality designs facilitate operations during the construction phase and the startup of the property. ‚ÄčOur design workgroup functions in close cooperation with manufacturers and vendors for components and systems and takes part in startup and training sessions and product development. We continuously maintain our professional knowledge, which ensures you the best possible results.

Building automation is used to affect the conditions, indoor climate, lighting and energyconsumption of buildings and the service life of the building and its equipment. Automation is used to optimise the technical building services of the property and manage its operating costs and conditions. In building automation design, we determine the conditions required by the purpose of the facilities and identify the optimal modes of operation of technical building systems.

In our design work, we cooperate closely with the customer and other areas of planning and design that are involved in the project. By working together with all participants to the project, we can achieve the optimal end result in terms of the energy-efficiency, functionality and user-friendliness of solutions. 

Design services

Monitoring and consulting services

Condition surveys and analyses of systems

System integration services

Training services

Building monitoring and energy optimisation services