Architectural design for renovations

The goal of our architectural design work is to employ a comprehensive architectural approach in order to foster and develop the quality of the built environment and help you achieve your objectives. We work with a customer-oriented approach and make use of our company’s extensive network of experts. We are at your service as a reliable expert from the preliminary phases of the project to its acceptance and, if needed, the end of the warranty period.

We function as principal and architectural designers in projects of all types and sizes, with an emphasis on various extension building, development and renovation projects and the design of urban environment structures. 

Your needs and wishes are always the starting point of our design work. As experts, our task is to offer sustainable solutions and an overall perspective on solving spatial, functional and visual challenges. In conversion and renovation projects, we assess the starting point of the building and assist the customer in identifying the potential and development opportunities of the property. Depending on the various possible starting points and goals, the formed ideas and concepts are then prepared as complete designs and a coherent overall plan. Our IT-based design environment also enables projects aimed at the versatile utilisation of data models.

Residential property renovation and extension projects

In residential building renovation, the most important goals include the improvement of health conditions and the extension of the property’s life cycle. In conjunction with the renovation, it is recommendable to also evaluate aspects such as the functionality of common facilities and their repurposing needs and opportunities for improving the quality of living. It is usually also beneficial to survey the potential for extensions to the property and the financial benefits of property development to the shareholders.

Commercial building renovation, conversion and development projects

We work with our customers to plan renovation and alteration projects for commercial premises as well as comprehensive conversion projects to repurpose the building. Identifying the optimal new purpose for the building or improving the level or value of its leasing require an understanding of the space requirements of various purposes, knowledge of the new concepts in commercial premises and modes of operation of end users, and the development of work environments. If needed, we will include consultants from other specialisations in the design team, such as market researchers, service designers, etc.

Landscape design and outdoor structures

We provide landscape design for residential and commercial premises and sheltered homes. Well-designed, functional and beautiful outdoor areas complement the overall built environment in both new construction and renovation projects and increase the value and esteem of the property. The architectural planning and design of various walls, fences and shelters are also an integral part of landscape design. The design of outdoor buildings and structures of the property has great significance in our urban environment, as most buildings are viewed only on the exterior. 

Production facilities planning

We carefully study the changing functional and space requirements of production facilities and plants. We design production facilities and their conversions and renovations with a cost-efficient approach and expertise from through years of experience.

Building historical expertise

We prepare cultural heritage surveys of buildings for various uses. Particularly in connection with renovation and extension projects, it is important to identify the identity and possible conservation value of the buildings and their environs. We help our customers identify the architectural value of buildings and structures and assess the benefits conserving historical attributes.  In our design work, we seek solutions that reconcile conservational goals with other objectives set for the project.

Interior design

Interior designers and architects work closest to the people whose living or working environment is directly impacted by space arrangements and selected materials, furnishings and equipment. Our interior architects have broad knowledge of materials and experience in shareholder and resident cooperation, and are at your service from the setting of objectives for user experience to the worksite and warranty phases of the project. Appropriately selected materials and furnishings help improve the comfort and functionality of residential and shared spaces and facilitate maintenance.