What is Sitowise Digi Partners?

Sitowise values its partners’s skills and talents. By joining our forces, we create the best network at the service of the end customers. Together we uncover new opportunities and keep up the growth. Our partners network is not a mailing list of companies. It is a truly proactive human network. As one team we are better and stronger to deliver unrivaled results.

How do we work together?

At first, we organize an introduction call to hear more about your company, its offering, and to present Sitowise Digi Partners network in more details. Then, on daily basis Sitowise Digital Solutions evaluates a number of public and private sales cases. We identify from the beginning where our network brings additional values, and we reach out to it for help. Your company can support us in software development, project management, testing, consultancy or with your proprietary solutions. We take into account your business model and your company’s strategy. Finally, we exchange on the case and eventually proceed to the contractual parts. 

What you can expect from us

A customer, a supplier, Sitowise is your partner for short- and long-term opportunities. You can be assured to receive offers and updates from us on regular basis!

Working as Sitowise's development partner is easy and the rules for the co-operation are fair. Lots of points for transparent communication and interesting opportunities!

Mikko Koistinen, CEO Buutti Oy

Join the network!

For more info on DigiPartners Network, please contact us by email digipartners@sitowise.com