Our vision: The most responsible partner in developing a prosperous living environment

The job of Sitowise’s experts is to create prosperous living environments – places where people live, learn, work, get better, spend time with their loved ones – and opportunities for travelling between these. Our digital expertise ensures and enables sustainable and smart development for living environments. Our work can be seen everywhere, which is why, for us, sustainability means making wise choices for people and the environment and creating as sustainable solutions as possible for our clients and the millions of users of different spaces and locations.

To make all this happen, we have set indicators for its sustainability and goals which are developed yearly. Reaching these goals help both us as a company, but most importantly our clients and the society as a whole.

Sitowise's rock-solid expertise in multidisciplinary projects done in urban environment, affects people’s everyday lives; how they live and travel, the premises they work in, and how they spend their leisure time. Sitowise’s experts create solutions that affect the well-being of people and the environment - everyday.

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Our sustainability work

For us, responsibility is not just something that we talk about. We actively work every day to make living better for people and for environment.

Values steer our sustainable operations

We are brave

We believe in the power of being different and the courage to think outside the box. We are always looking for ways to develop things further and seize opportunities to forge new,
creative solutions. We understand that you can’t make an omelette without breaking a few eggs, but we learn from our mistakes and are not afraid to make them.

We are open

We share information openly and don’t beat around the bush. In projects, we make sure that everyone knows where we are at and where we are going next.

We trust each other

At Sitowise, we make decisions where we work. Despite our large size, we are agile and humanoriented. Everyone working at Sitowise is an equal colleague, whatever is printed on our
business cards. We believe in our and others’ ability to bring projects to a close. We have the guts to delegate and share responsibility – as well as to assume it.

We work as one team

We are happy to help our colleagues and cooperate smoothly with others, regardless of the unit or office they work in. Every Sitowise employee is an important part of the team and
brings their own unique contribution to the project. We never leave a friend behind.

We know our clients

Clients are part of our team. We understand our clients’ needs, hopes and expectations and always do our best to fulfil them.

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Our customer value: we make our customers bloom

Dear customer,

Our job is to bring out the best in you. We are your go-to partner who will help you meet and even exceed the expectations society and people have for your work, time after time. We do it by supporting, guiding and challenging you to reach ever more courageous goals. We offer you the keys to make more enlightened decisions. All so that our collaboration can make people and the environment feel better.

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Services from the underground to the sky

Our services cover the entire life cycle of a well-being living environment, from strategic planning to the maintenance phase. Anticipating the needs of society and our customers is an essential part of our service development.