Sitowise's strategy around the vision: The most resbonsible partner.

To achieve its goals, Sitowise has identified the strategic focus areas presented here.

Continued Focus on Organic Growth, Internal Efficiency and High Margins

As part of its strategy, Sitowise aims to continue to grow also organically, and to continue to maintain strong margins by focusing on internal efficiency and maintaining a high utilization rate. The key contributors to Sitowise’s strong internal efficiency are

  • Sitowise’s lean organization structure, which ensures precision in decision-making 
  • Local presence close to customers 
  • Digital collaboration platform Voima that the company aims to continue to develop further 
  • Entrepreneurial culture 
  • Decentralized business model, supported by centralized group services and nationwide offices, and the competence centers in Tallinn and Riga

Further Strengthen Capabilities and Grow in Selected Customer Segments in Buildings and Infrastructure

In the Buildings and Infrastructure business areas Sitowise’s aim is to maintain its market position in Finland and grow by further strengthening its capabilities and position in selected client segments.

  • Buildings business area: Sitowise aims to expand presence in prominent high-profile projects and increase share of wallet in current customers through strategic partnerships. Sitowise also aims to strengthen its capabilities in selected niche areas and further grow in renovation construction expert and design services across all its geographies.
  • Infrastructure business area: Key opportunities include growing the share of private sector customers and in addition, Sitowise aims to increase its involvement in multidisciplinary urban development projects and to strengthen especially geotechnics, traffic engineering and environmental capabilities.

Grow Competencies in Digital Solutions and Leverage the Digital Capabilities

Sitowise’s digital capabilities are one of the key strengths of Sitowise, as by combining the building and infrastructure engineering knowledge with IT and digital skills, Sitowise is able to deliver solutions that support the business and decision-making capacity of the customer, providing significant growth opportunities.

Sitowise seeks growth in Digital Solutions both by leveraging the digital capabilities when offering building and infrastructure consulting services to its customers as well as by providing unique IT systems and services related to the built environment and transportation.

The key growth opportunities identified by Sitowise’s management are:

  • Smart digital infrastructure consulting as well as data management in projects and assignments in the planning and engineering phase
  • Data management in increasingly complex projects
  • Smart and predictive situational awareness of the built environment, for example software and systems that show the maintenance requirements of infrastructure and buildings in real time
  • Automatic control systems for demand responsive transport, with relevant applications in the public sector e.g. in healthcare and school transportation
  • Asset management of roads, streets, railways, and waterways as well as in systems and information services for mobility, both developing the existing operative systems and developing new systems demanded by changes in mobility and traffic.

Expand in Sweden and potentially also elsewhere in the Nordics

Sitowise’s target is to build a multidisciplinary operation covering infrastructure and building engineering with significant scale in Sweden. In 2020 13 percent of Sitowise’s net sales was generated from Sweden. Sitowise has expanded to Sweden through acquisitions during 2019–2021 and through opening a new office in Malmö in the beginning of 2020. Sitowise’s main growth initiatives in Sweden include:

  • Strengthening service offering in infrastructure consulting
  • Expanding in building technology consulting services
  • Growing share in main segments such as infrastructure and building consulting
  • Increasing the cross-sales of Digital Solutions

Sitowise also sees potential growth opportunities in other Nordic countries in the future.

Continue Selective M&A

Sitowise aims to continue growing through selective M&A, both in Finland and Sweden, and potentially in other Nordic countries in the future. Selective M&A is part of Sitowise’s growth strategy in all of the business areas: Sitowise aims to strengthen its offering and presence in selected customer segments in Buildings and Infrastructure and grow capabilities in Digital Solutions. In addition, acquisitions are an important part of the expansion plan in Sweden.

Successful acquisitions have been a major contributor to the strong historical growth of Sitowise. Both the Finnish and the Swedish markets have large number of small- and middle-sized players, offering room for further consolidation. in Finland and Sweden Sitowise has identified approximately 600 potential targets to its gross list.

Sitowise systematically looks for targets with 

  • Strong financial profile 
  • Complementing offering, capabilities and geographic reach 
  • New services and customer segments 
  • Committed management and employees 
  • Good fit in terms of company culture

Sitowise has a reinvestment model, where sellers reinvest a part of their proceeds back to Sitowise, which allows the owners to remain as shareholders post-acquisition and add value to their investment.