Quality and corporate responsibilities

We develop mutual understanding and respect through long-standing customer relationships. We strive to meet the customer’s expectations and achieve agreed goals in each of our commissions.  

Reijo Kukkonen
Laatu- ja vastuullisuusjohtaja
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Environmental issues are part of our daily operations. The goal of our operations is the sustainable development of the living environment while protecting existing environmental assets. Our solutions are environmentally friendly and cost-effective and promote human wellbeing. 

The objective of our safety activities is to protect the employees, stakeholders, customers, property, information and reputation of Sitowise and the environment against accidents, loss and misuse, and to provide the prerequisites for uninterrupted and continuous operations. Safety activities support the realisation of our strategic objectives and are therefore an integral part of our operations.

Our operating principles are that we are professional, responsible and innovative in our conduct. We approach our work with an enthusiastic attitude. We pay particular attention to the overall functionality, cost-effectiveness, safety and environmental impact of our services. We develop our operations and improve the expertise and service ability of our project personnel. Our operations are financially profitable, which enables us to develop our company, invest in the expertise of our personnel and strengthen our customer relationships in the long term. 

The input of our personnel plays a key role, as we are able to genuinely serve our customers and achieve set goals thanks to an enthusiastic and professional personnel. We provide our personnel with opportunities to develop their professional skills and competence in their work. We also support and encourage our personnel in individual development activities. Our personnel is committed to our corporate responsibility, and we expect our partners to also follow the same principles.

Sitowise’s services have valid certifications in accordance with the ISO 9001:2015 Quality management systems and the ISO 14001:2015 Environmental management systems standards or a RALA Certificate.