Project management

We have a ground-breaking, comprehensive project management service concept. When you implement your project with us, you can rest assured that you have an experienced partner with a broad field of expertise.

Eeva Vahtera
Head of Department, Project co-ordination
+358 20 747 6534

Our services cover specifying the operating models and decision-making pathways for regional development projects, assembling a project organisation and collaboration groups and assisting in the selection of an implementation method. During the project phase, our services include cost and timetable steering for projects. We prepare project plans, implement project risk and information management, and verify the number of realisation models and the accuracy of client reporting.  We also develop tools from the contractor’s perspective for purposes such as monitoring quantities and costs.

Design control

Design control involves steering and monitoring design assignments and ensuring that the client’s specified targets are met.

Timetable and cost steering, as well as risk management

We prepare and steer the implementation of project timetables and cost estimates, and we evaluate the timetable and cost risks.

Project plans

We prepare project plans for the purposes of decision-making, further planning and implementation. The project plan describes the responsibilities for implementing the project, timetables, costs and risks.

Project operating models

When we plan operating models, we assemble a project organisation and collaboration groups, and we determine the decision-making pathways and critical points in the project.

Project information management

We implement project status updates, which include up-to-date information on the status of town planning, other planning and implementation, as well as the next critical tasks in the project in terms of time. In addition, we define information management procedures jointly with the client.

Project implementation tools

We verify the accuracy of the quantities in the realisation models and of client reporting.  We also develop tools from the contractor’s perspective for purposes such as monitoring quantities and costs.