Interaction and communication

We help our customers with services ranging from individual workshops to extensive interaction and communication entities. Our operations are based around user-orientation, openness and supporting the customer’s operations.

Annika Myrsky
Viestintä- ja vuorovaikutusasiantuntija
+358 44 427 9055

Open operations that take all parties into consideration provide a range of benefits for organisations: successful interaction makes processes run more smoothly, improves the flow of information and contributes to creating acceptance among project stakeholders. Efficient and appropriate communication tools enable us to implement communication towards various stakeholders in service of the project.

Planning and facilitating inclusion and interaction processes

We plan and implement interaction processes related to strategic processes, operational development and various town planning and infrastructure projects. We identify the key entities and personnel who must be included. We design the best methods for arranging appropriate interaction. We facilitate and manage the entire inclusion and interaction process, supporting the client’s steering group.  

Project communication services

We realise communication services, particularly for infrastructure projects, through the duration of the project. Our services include communication planning, crisis communication, media communication, online communication, graphical design, social media services and internal communication entities. 

Interaction and stakeholder events

We plan and realise individual events for various stakeholders (including residents, experts, decision-makers and businesses) utilising a diverse range of efficient methods. Our workshops utilise methods such as service design and collaborative planning. Our facilitation expertise enables us to make the most of various types of group working situations.

Digital inclusion opportunities

We utilise online inclusion opportunities such as online workshops, live broadcasts of events, message walls and social media in our projects.

Data collection methods

We implement various qualitative and quantitative data collection processes to chart information in support of the project. The methods we employ include map surveys, online surveys, interviews, street polls, focus groups and observations.