Circular economy services for infrastructure construction

We have a unique service concept based on extensive experience built up over several projects. The concept is realised in collaboration with Maapörssi Oy.

Project development

We create solutions based around our customer’s needs to promote the practical utilisation of masses created on project development sites and materials obtained from demolition.

Cooperation with the authorities

We clarify the requirements of the authorities from the very start of the project and we take care of any necessary negotiations with the authorities to ensure that the project can be advanced in the right direction while taking official requirements into consideration. 

Permits, declarations and reports

We take care of the permission processes and declarations related to circular economy projects, and we make the required reports. We can also provide you with environmental impact assessments if the scope of the project demands these.

Supervision and reporting

We handle monitoring, supervision and reporting on sites in accordance with official requirements.

Planning phasing on work sites and preparing a general quality assurance plan for the project

Our experts steer work site planning to ensure that special plans and permits are taken into consideration when work is phased and scheduled on the site. We prepare quality assurance plans for sites.

Acquisition and coordination of soils in collaboration Maapörssi Oy

Maapörssi Oy provides a service platform for recycling soil and rock to reuse. This service is used on our joint sites as an efficient tool for managing soil and rock. Maapörssi Oy’s transportation application can provide you with an electronic transfer document and enable you to monitor and report on the soil and rock transferred by each individual work site.