Property management

The value of built property is great, so there is every reason to manage it consistently and cost-effectively by making data-based decisions. We offer comprehensive services for the development of property management supervision and data management for the public and private sectors.

Property management requires knowledge of what is owned and where, as well as devising plans for what must be done to maintain that property. Goal oriented property management in an organisation clarifies and boosts ERP and makes it easier to focus on and prioritise procedures. We help our customers create functional plans, strategies and procedures for property management, and provide customised information and maintenance services to support operations and decision-making. Our services combine leading expertise in the infrastructure and housing sector, with information system experience and management consulting services. 

Property management strategies and planning

We support an organisation’s property management by producing maturity assessments, drafting strategies and development plans, and defining operational models.

Surveying service level and measuring performance

We determine and monitor service levels and create tools for monitoring the condition and functionality of property. We carry out status surveys for transportation infrastructure. 

Infrastructure management support

We will support you in investment planning, maintenance backlog calculation, economic governance, service production model development and risk management. We offer expert maintenance services, such as transport infrastructure paving programming and maintenance plans. 

Information systems and data management development

We utilise standardised interfaces to offer software solutions for property management and mobile solutions for field staff. We develop and maintain property registers.

Utilising customer feedback and anticipating demand

We create interfaces for giving customer feedback and help with analysis and service design.