Developing services and the organisation’s operating models

We help our clients steer and develop their business.

Whether your problems are connected to strategy, developing coordination or implementing changes, we will find you suitable methods to support your development. We cooperate with other experts in the field as we believe that sector expertise combined with development expertise ensures the best basis for development. We work with a wide range of organizations in built environment and infrastructure development. We have special knowledge of the solutions for public administration development. As our client, you will be helped by an enthusiastic and committed team that knows your sector. With us, you can significantly improve your chances of developing your organization. For more information, please contact us and let us show you how we can help you.

Anticipation and environment analysis

We help organisations survey current and future environments by conducting analyses and organising interaction. We will create a path that helps make analyses a part of the organisation’s practices and data management.

Creating and facilitating strategies and operating plans

Strategies and operating plans describe how to accomplish objectives. We help our clients describe how to pursue various objectives and how to involve others.

Developing operating and organisation models

Clear and efficient procedures create a basis for cooperation between organisations, utilisation of professional expertise and the boosting of operations. We are involved in every stage of creating operating models, from analysis of development areas to tracking development activities.  

Developing Information management

Built environment data collection, data management and data utilisation are at the core of Sitowise’s information management. We help our clients find and follow a suitable developmental path.

Creating indicators and monitoring activities

Activities are only as good as their results. We help you to create indicators that allow you to monitor the results of your activities.

Risk mapping and management

Many challenges are caused by issues that could have been avoided with better preparation. We help our clients recognise, analyse and asses risks. The goal is to ensure that single events do not come as a surprise; but rather that an acceptable risk level has been achieved.