Spatial data solutions help make sustainable decisions

We help organisations gain more value in decision-making processes and knowledge-based management processes through spatial data.

All organisations handle geospatial data. We make this data visible. Spatial data offers unique ways of collecting, storing, analysing, understanding and communicating phenomena that are location dependent.

Spatial data methods offer useful tools for making knowledge-based and cost-efficient decisions. Displaying data on a map makes it easier to understand even complex processes.

For instance, decisions on the location of offices or plans on non-stationary work are easier to make with the help of accessibility analyses and routing solutions based on spatial data. The benefits of using spatial data can be seen, for example, in savings in costs per kilometre, reduced person-years, successful office placements, accelerated planning or better accessibility to data.

GIS training

Our GIS training helps to increase your organization’s understanding of the benefits of spatial data and to train you to become a GIS professional. We can offer both short courses and extensive educational programmes from the basics of spatial data to the ambitious utilization of spatial data.

GIS consulting

We will help you make spatial data a part of the everyday functions of your organisation by becoming acquainted with your organisation’s strategies and goals and creating a roadmap on how you can utilise spatial data efficiently. We will carry out deployment plans for spatial data, spatial data research, strategies, spatial data analyses, routing services and requirement specifications for information systems.

Customised software solutions

We create simple and people-oriented technology solutions that will make spatial data a part of your organization’s functions. Our core competence is agile service based on spatial data, it matches the needs of users and utilizes our broad technological know-how and expertise. We will work together with our customers to find the solutions that best meet their individual needs, utilising both new and existing components.

Louhi services

Our Louhi geospatial data services provide extensive solutions to municipalities for infrastructure property and project management, land use planning and permit process handing, 3D visualization and interaction and data-driven management.

Aino – digital data procurement and distribution services

From our Aino Data service, you will receive all necessary geospatial data directly to your information systems or via constantly updated interface services. We provide geospatial data management as an easy and cost-effective turnkey service.