We offer logistics research and development services and calculation models to assess the environmental and financial impact of freight traffic.

Furthermore, we provide data platforms and optimization of logistics operations and processes for companies and other organizations. 

Our selection includes logistics research, development, consulting and modelling services and data platforms for both public and private sector operators. We operate in large-scale projects, targeted development projects and domestic and international initiatives.

Our wide range of clientele includes ministries, route authorities, the EU Commission, regional officials, cities, municipalities, ports, companies and transport and logistics sector organizations.

Business logistics

We provide data platforms and optimizations in logistics operations and processes and supply chain management for companies and other organizations.

A custom-designed data platform can be used for a variety of different analyses. For example, the data platform may be focused on the organization or optimization of logistics operations in an industrial company or port, or designed to improve the efficiency of processes in all links of the supply chain.


We utilize several tools in the modelling of freight traffic. Our tools can be used to examine the overall transport chain as well as transitions between modes of transport, evaluate changes in transport systems and their effects on the local and international level, and improve the efficiency of freight traffic.

Local and urban logistics

We prepare the necessary local and urban logistics assessments for transport system planning.

We offer the following services in urban logistics: benchmark studies on the applicability of solutions to different cities, urban logistics evaluation and planning workshops, drafting of operational concepts and business models, organization of collaboration and direction of its implementation, and the coordination of pilot projects.

Logistics centres

We provide surveys, business plans, implementation schedules and modelling and data services for logistics centres.

Freight traffic and operating environment surveys

We have been involved in numerous surveys on freight traffic and operating environments: Future Outlook Review of the Road Transport Industry, Effects of Regulations Concerning Driving Times and Rest Periods, Climate Change and Freight Transport, and the E-Commerce Shopper Survey.

International logistics R&D

We have participated in several R&D initiatives, including projects funded by the EU Commission such as SuperGreen (Supporting EU’s Logistics Action Plan On Green Corridors’ Issues). We also provide services to international companies.