Infrastructure project decision-making services

Our customizable methods and tools for scheduling, cost control and risk management enable goal-oriented and cost-efficient infrastructure projects.

We provide the various infrastructure project parties with tools that are based on requirements, standards and individual needs. The tools can be used to compile tailor-made analyses that are relevant to the customer’s needs.

This facilitates fact-based decision-making and cost-efficient end results. In our solutions, we connect schedule, costs and risk into a tightly-knit package that can be used for scenario examinations and decision-making paths, among other assessments.


Project schedule preparation and management using e.g. MS Project. 

Cost estimates

Preparing project cost estimates based on factors such as planning data.

Risk management

Identifying and assessing the risks of the project and their systematic management and other processes.

Simulations and analyses

Simulations and analyses of schedules, costs and risks at various project phases.

Recommendations and proposals for action

Preparation and reporting of various scenarios and decision-making paths and their resulting recommendations.