Expert services in passenger transport

We are one of the most wide-ranging operators in the planning, development and system implementation of passenger transport. We provide nationwide services in passenger transport planning for service transportation, schools, and social services and healthcare transportation. We understand the possibilities presented by digitalization and the integration of passenger transport between different administrative branches.

We provide comprehensive expert services for transport organizers and dispatch service providers. We conduct extensive needs assessments and surveys, plan upcoming procurements and manage communication and interaction in large-scale projects.

We utilize our expertise and that of our partners in digital services for passenger transport and are able to provide comprehensive solutions for journey dispatch and combination operations. Our experts have in-depth and versatile understanding of passenger transport. 

Needs assessments

The assessment of passenger transport needs includes analyses and evaluations related to the organization of, for example, statutory social services and school transportation, support services and procurement models. We are specialized in dispatch and combination services, invoicing processes and procurements. 

Integration tasks

We provide operational planning to improve the customer’s transport service efficiency and transport equipment management.

Journey combination solutions (consulting and service provision)

We are Finland’s leading experts in passenger transport dispatch and journey combination solutions. We provide needs assessments and are involved in the deployment of the functions, and can provide the services to the customer as a comprehensive solution in cooperation with our partners.


Together with the customer, we plan efficient solutions for passenger transport and the related procurement documentation.