Digital asset management services

We offer versatile services in digital asset management for both public and private sector operators.

Our services are built with a focus on user experience and are based on broad expertise of the field. Our multipurpose digital asset management services improve cost-efficiency and quality - and give you a competitive edge.

We assist infrastructure owners by providing versatile information management services combined with strong expertise of the built environment.

Our services cover the specification, execution and continuous maintenance of information management solutions. We work together with our customers to find the solutions that best meet their individual needs, utilising both new and existing components.

Digitalisation consulting

The digitalisation of the built environment changes existing operational models as well as our way of living and working.

Our experts at Sitowise help our customers in developing and utilizing digital services. 

Customised software solutions

With our broad technological know-how and expertise, we implement agile and easy-to-use services that meet the needs of our customers.

Our passion is to to find the solutions that best meet your individual needs, utilizing both new and existing components.

Louhi services

Our Louhi geospatial data services provide extensive solutions for infrastructure property and project management, land use planning and permit process handling, 3D visualization and interaction as well as data-driven management.

Aino – digital data procurement and distribution services

From our Aino Data service, we provide all necessary geospatial data directly to your information systems or via up-to-date API services.

We provide geospatial data management as a smart and cost-effective turnkey service. 

The integration of BIM and geographic information

We implement sustainable and modern solutions for built environment asset management and for carrying out infrastructure and building projects through the integration of built environment BIM and geographic information.