Data management services in infrastructure projects

We offer a comprehensive service package on project management and visualization for the data management of infrastructure and urban development projects. Our tools include service solutions that utilize modern map services or 3D technology. 

Digital data management improves the efficiency of the project’s execution throughout its lifecycle and reduces errors and total costs. A visual map-based or three-dimensional presentation method enhances the intelligibility of the plans and clarifies the big picture.

Source material services

Maintenance, handling, analysis and utilization of source materials in the planning work.

Louhi map services

Louhi provides projects and their various parties an up-to-date snapshot of the situation by improving data management and communication, facilitating cooperation and supporting decision-making. The Louhi information service can be used to compile data and materials to be accessed via a desktop or mobile device and in 3D visualization. 

UAV and reality capture

We take footage of the site with unmanned aerial vehicles and use the image material to compile photogrammetry of the project to be presented in a 3D virtual environment.

BIM coordinator

Data management of building information models in infrastructure and building projects, development of data management processes and compiling of building information model strategies and project data management plans. 

Project data management

Data management and distribution of large-scale infrastructure and urban development projects and the maintenance of overall picture for use in project management.

BIM training and consulting

We support organizations in making the switch to model-based operational models by providing customized training and consulting.