In repair planning services for roof renovation and renewal projects, the aim is to prepare high-quality plans to complete the project in a professional, cost-efficient and high-quality manner and to provide guidance for the property renovation work in achieving its set goals. 

Our roof renovation and renewal planning covers all planning services, from the repair of individual roof leakages to overhauls of the entire roof structure. We always take your wishes into consideration in terms of the schedule, quality and costs of the project. The purpose of roof renovations is to reduce the maintenance backlog of properties and prevent more extensive future damage.

Low-pitched roofs

Low-pitched roofs are roofs with a pitch of less than 1 to 40. We possess the expertise and experience for demanding planning solutions for low-pitched roofs.

High-pitched roofs

The materials used in high-pitched roofs are usually metal sheet or tile roofing, and their planning involves careful attention to details such as pipe penetrations. Our expertise also covers high-pitched roofs. 

Roof alterations subject to permit

Alterations to the eaves or roof structures and shapes usually require a process to obtain a building permit. The permit must be obtained by the planning phase of the project, at the latest. We are happy to assist you in permit matters.