Project planning

Project planning specifies the various technical alternatives for implementation that serve as the basis for the technical implementation planning of the project.

In terms of its nature and content, the project planning of renovations differs from methods customary of new constructions. Large-scale or comprehensive building or property renovation projects can be carried out with several different technical alternatives and their combinations as well as in varying scopes. The project plan reviews the most suitable methods for each project and compares to with each other. In this way, the content, scope and method of the final project can be outlined. A well-prepared project plan plays an essential part in almost all projects that cover building structures or technical building systems. Our typical project plans deal with plumbing repairs, exterior renovations or overall renovations of the entire property. We also have experience in successful project planning for outdoor area and dewatering renovations as well as extensive moisture damage repairs.  

Managing the big picture

We determine the optimal content and methods for the repair project, while taking technical and financial perspectives into consideration. We will provide you with details of issues that are recommendable to be included to the project. We also suggest suitable limits for the project, as is it rarely the case that everything can be fixed at once.

Versatile perspective on project planning

We utilise expertise from all phases of the project in our planning work, from preparations to implementation and warranty period inspections. In particular, implementation planning and worksite supervision provide our personnel valuable new perspectives and improve their perception of the preparatory phases of projects.  


Our visualisations provide added value particularly in exterior renovations, and aid in decision-making and in justifying the selected alternatives. In piping renovations, one of the most typical questions is how the bathroom will look after the repairs have been completed. Visualisations are a simple way to present the possible alternatives and variations to any customer, from a single shareholder to an entire housing company.