Plumbing renovations

Our range of services covers everything from the various preliminary technical building services surveys and project planning to implementation plans and worksite planning during the project.

Our implementation planning for plumbing renovations always begins with a proposal phase that seeks to review the initial data and solution alternatives for the repairs and verify their feasibility. At the same time, we try to clarify the content of the project together with the customer and assess other possible renovation and improvement measures related to the project. The renovated building often forms a highly diverse planning and planning process environment, and the procedures that are commonplace in new construction projects are insufficient to fulfil the set objectives. Our strength is the capability to utilise our company’s versatile expertise in renovation work in the planning process throughout the project duration, which helps anticipate factors that may affect the content of the construction work.

Project planning and preliminary surveys

Each year, we compile a significant number of project plans for HPAC renovations, and our experts perform related condition surveys, surveys of technical building systems, and project surveys on the potential of extension construction.

Property development and extensions

We investigate the potential and alternatives for extensions to the property as needed. Depending on the building or its location, this may entail the construction of additional floors and elevators or the utilisation of an existing attic space.

Repurposing of facilities

In connection with HPAC repairs, it is occasionally necessary to reconsider the purpose of shared facilities. We provide repurposing plans for both individual facilities to large-scale alterations.

Building historical expertise

We assist in identifying the architectural and historical value of the building or its surroundings. In renovation solutions, we aim to conserve any valuable characteristics and architecture, as these usually form a part of the identity and value of the building in the long term.

Interior design

Our interior designers have extensive understanding of materials and experience from cooperation with shareholders and residents, and provide services during both the planning and worksite phases. In plumbing renovations, appropriately selected materials and furnishings help improve the comfort and functionality of residential and shared spaces and facilitate maintenance.

Outside areas planning

In connection with a plumbing renovation, the utility connections for water and sewage pipes and power cable require renewal. As a result, the worksite area extends to outside areas. This is an opportune time to review the arrangements of outside area functions. We provide expert outside areas planning to improve the functionality of structures and green spaces of the property’s outside areas.