Outside areas and green spaces

We provide extensive planning services for outside areas. Our planning for yards and outside areas complements building planning in both new construction and renovation projects and is an excellent way to raise the value of your property. 

A well-designed yard makes its everyday use easy and pleasant. In addition to essential functions such as movement, property maintenance and parking, the yard area is part of a pleasant environment and the ecologic whole. A successful outside area plan takes the different requirements and users of the yard into consideration. 

Project planning and concepting

Many aspects of outside areas should be taken into account already at the outset of the construction work. We are experts on the matter and will ensure that your project plans have a solid foundation.

Preliminary planning

Preliminary planning is carried out in cooperation with the customer. We take the customer’s wishes into consideration and provide guidance in the details of outside area planning to ensure the best results.

Construction planning

Our expertise covers the construction of outside areas and its related plans, specifications, measurements and lists of fittings. We also take care of building permit matters.

Maintenance planning

We prepare maintenance plans to coordinate property management and enable you to control and monitor expenses and the condition of the outside areas.