Indoor air consulting and project management

Our aim is to both prevent indoor air problems in new construction projects and repair them in older properties. 

Our broad-ranging expertise in indoor air matters and our desire to develop a healthier and more pleasant environment is visible in the full lifecycle of our projects.

We help you take into account all factors that affect indoor air quality with sufficient precision in new construction plans. During implementation, we oversee quality assurance and evaluate the achieved indoor air quality. We also coordinate moisture issues, provide consultation on sanitation management and oversee construction work in various projects.

In renovation projects, we perform indoor air studies to determine the building’s indoor air quality, air pollutants and structural damages through various research methods. We understand the typical risk structures involved depending on the building’s period of construction, such as the bases of exterior walls and ledgers, and their modern repair methods. After surveying, we launch the planning and implementation of the necessary repairs. During the implementation phase, we act as the project manager, worksite supervisor and quality controller. 

Project management

The project management of indoor air repair work differs from typical repair projects due to the diverse nature of the required repairs. The work often includes both several smaller repairs and more extensive, overall renovations. In such situations, the competence of the project manager on deciding the correct procurements is emphasised. With proficient project management, the schedule, quality and costs of indoor air repairs can be successfully managed.

Worksite supervision and quality assurance

The worksite supervisor for indoor air repairs is an expert on factors that affect indoor air quality and understands the general methods of quality assurance involved in projects of this nature. Quality assurance work, such as examining the air-tightness of the building with indicator tests, is performed by our researchers specialised in investigating indoor air quality problems.

Building environment expert service

Our certified (RTA) building environment experts can serve as the third-party specialists required under the ministerial decree on health-related conditions of housing.