Quality assurance for sealing renovations

In some cases, sealing renovations can be an excellent way of repairing and preventing indoor air problems. Such renovations are technically demanding, and they require careful supervision and a separate quality assurance procedure.

The importance of quality assurance for sealing renovations has been made all too apparent in Finland, as there have been numerous failed renovations and the renovation method has been called into question. However, when sealing renovations are conducted with the correct quality assurance procedure, they have proven themselves to be effective solutions. There is a dedicated RT instruction card covering the method for conducting quality assurance, and quality assurance tests are based on using tracer gases.

Reaction capacity

We have sufficient resources to ensure rapid reaction as part of quality assurance work. This enables us to ensure that work on the site can move forward without any long delays.

Trained personnel

Specialised experts are required for specialist tasks. We train our personnel in-house to perform tracer tests, both in quality assurance tasks and in condition surveys.