Indoor air studies and consultancy

The aim of indoor air studies and consultancy is to offer the client specialist expert services to solve indoor air problems. 

Indoor air studies involve determining the indoor air quality of buildings, impurities in the air and structural damage using various research methods. We plan our studies appropriately to enable us to create suitable, cost-efficient recommendations for further actions. We also specify the scope and objectives of studies on a case-by-case basis in line with your wishes. Indoor air studies normally include a visit to the site, interviews with users, preparation of a study plan, an examination of high-risk structures, structural inspections with material samples, measurements to monitor indoor air and technical inspections of ventilation systems. We always prepare a clear written report on the studies to set out the results and recommendations for further actions. An indoor air expert or structural health expert may also work the consultant responsible for quality assurance in various phases of the project. The quality assurance phases include project management tasks for the project organisation, reviewing plans, inspecting airtightness, and examining the quality of indoor air and the condition of structures with the relevant sampling.

Structural health advisory services

Indoor air advisory services

Technical moisture advisory services

Structural and building engineering advisory services

Project management tasks for the study organisation

Quality assurance