Condition surveys

Our condition surveys identify the condition of a structural component and provide an estimate of the phase it has reached in its life cycle. We also use this information as a basis for outlining any renovations that the structure may require, along with our recommendations.  

The first step to renovating structures is to determine the condition of the structure and need for renovation in sufficient accuracy to allow the renovation to be scheduled and renovation planning to be scaled and allocated correctly. When we perform a condition survey, we identify the condition of a structure in depth. Depending on the structure being examined, condition surveys include opening up structures, taking samples and measuring values.  When up-to-date information is available on the condition of structures, unforeseen renovation investments can be avoided, and the renovation projects included in long-term plans can be scheduled with more precise cost estimates. Our reports make it easy for property owners to drive projects forward, while designers will receive comprehensive initial information to begin renovation planning. 

Condition surveys of roofs and roof coverings

Including all roofing materials and roof types

Condition surveys of facades and balconies

Condition surveys of car park buildings and decking structures

Condition surveys of other concrete structures

Examples include run-off basins, retaining walls, columns and beams