Asbestos and harmful substance surveys

The aim of asbestos and harmful substance surveys is to identify the harmful and detrimental substances in buildings.

We employ several personnel qualified in assessing asbestos and harmful substances. Nowadays, asbestos analysis must be conducted in buildings constructed before 1994 if forthcoming renovations are being planned for the site. We also inspect structures for other common substances that carry a health hazard, such as PAH, PCB and heavy metal compounds. 

Asbestos analysis

We identify the locations of asbestos in structures and systems, as well as the dust released by materials containing asbestos when they are handled and dismantled.

Harmful substance estimate

Our experts will make an estimate of the materials containing harmful substances in the building and its systems. This estimate forms the basis for planning a harmful substance study, and it is based on sensory evaluations with no sampling. 

Harmful substance study

We will conduct an investigation and analysis of the materials containing harmful substances on the study site. In addition, we will investigate the harmful substances that may be contained in structures or absorbed by other structures. 

Limited harmful substance study

We will limit the harmful substance study to certain components or systems in the building for purposes such as forthcoming HVAC overhauls.