HVAC studies

Our HVAC studies aim to help you identify the condition, functionality and energy-efficiency of technical HVAC systems.

Condition surveys of ventilation and heating, water and sewage networks are based on the instructions drafted under the supervision of the Finnish HVAC Association (SuLVI) concerning condition survey procedures for ventilation and air conditioning systems, as well as the guide to conducting condition surveys of heating, water and sewage networks. Our ventilation condition surveys examine factors such as the system’s condition, documentation and maintenance standards, and the cleanliness and risks in terms of indoor air quality. We also analyse the sufficiency of ventilation, the system’s energy efficiency and the condition of the automation system, as well as the comfort provided by the default values. Our condition surveys of heating, water and sewage networks determine the condition of the pipe networks and related fittings and equipment using inspection methods that do not require material breakage.

HVAC and automation advisory services

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Heating, water and sewage network condition surveyor

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