Condition surveys of bridges and special structures

We have extensive experience in condition surveys and assessments for bridges and other special structures

Special structures include bridges, road and railway tunnels, quays and bank pier walls, sea marks and water towers. Our customers are public and private entities that manage special structures, as well as the other infrastructure consultancy units within our company, which we serve as a part of larger project entities. 

General and special inspections of bridges

The personnel who conduct inspections hold professional and occupational safety qualifications that meet the Finnish Transport Agency’s requirements. Our inspections comply with the general guidelines prepared by the Finnish Transport Agency, taking account of the special characteristics of the study site. We use our own study equipment. We commission laboratory examinations from our reliable partners.

Other special structures

Some types of special structure do not have a set of general guidelines setting out the scope of the study or the number of samples that must be taken. In such cases, our experienced condition surveyors prepare a study plan to provide sufficiently reliable study results and conclusions. If necessary, we make use of the expertise available in other units within our company to ensure we achieve the desired outcome. We also study underwater structures (bridges in waterways, canals, dams). In these cases, the work will also involve a diving group consisting of two or three personnel from one of our partners. The diving group has the ability to take underwater concrete samples and perform other specialist work.