Water management

As a leading expert in water management, we provide extensive and versatile expertise in planning and survey tasks related to water management.

Water is an element that is constantly present in our environment. Water supply services, storm-water control and the quality control of water environments are an essential part of urban planning.

General and development plans of water supply services

Our services cover the general and development planning for water resources management on the municipal and project levels as well as contingency plans for water supply and sewerage systems. Our development and contingency plans are in compliance with legislation and the latest guidelines. We also compile water supply surveys to support in the zoning process, from small planning areas to large-scale zones. 

Water supply network and pipeline planning

We manage all phases of the planning process of water supply networks and transmission lines, from reviewing solution alternatives to detailed construction plans and project documentation. Our range of services also covers the planning of pumping stations, booster pumps and pipeline network equipment stations. We also provide planning services for network maintenance and renovations.

Water supply network and stormwater modelling

The simulation of water supply, sewerage and stormwater systems allows the comprehensive assessment of their operation in different loading conditions and lifecycle stages. With the help of modelling, the prevalence of potential failures and the efficiency of planning solutions can be evaluated. In addition to pipeline network modelling, we provide hydrological catchment area models, open channel flow modelling and the modelling of stormwater management structures and overground floods.

Stormwater management planning

Stormwater management requires versatile expertise and is closely linked to land use and urban environment planning. Our experts lead the field in Finland and have an excellent command over the full scale of stormwater planning, from municipal stormwater strategies to general and construction planning, system modelling and construction steering. Our experts also organise training sessions and study trips on the topic.

Waterway restoration planning

The planning of waterway restoration and treatment aims to improve or maintain the ecological and chemical conditions of surface water. We offer versatile expert services in waterway restoration planning for lakes, rivers, water bird habitats and minor waterways, from preliminary surveys to general and implementation plans.