Streets and urban spaces

Streets and urban spaces  serve as the business card of the city or area and have a strong influence on the local identity. The importance of outdoor spaces as shared living rooms for residents and venues for urban life is continuously increasing. A pleasant and exciting local environment attracts business,  pedestrians and cyclists. Our goal is to develop the user-friendliness of urban outdoor spaces, without ignoring technical functionality.

Juha Väätäinen
Head of Department
+358 20 747 6058

In the planning of outdoor spaces, we take into account aspects such as user-friendliness, genius loci, functionality, safety, urban landscape, and maintenance. You will have the top experts in urban infrastructure, traffic and landscape planning as well as lighting and design specialists at your disposal. All our operations use the latest technology in the field, adhere to strict ethical, aesthetic and ecological principles and are compliant with certified quality systems. We provide qualified and enthusiastic expert services from architecture and spatial concepts to technical functionality.

Idea and concept plans

We create ideas for coherent street and urban spaces for new areas as well as urban renewal projects.

General plans

We determine functions, dimensions and architectural look and feel of the site.

Street and construction plans

We compile the needed city-specific materials for permit application processes and implementations.

Historical structures

Our experts assess and acknowledge historical conservation values of the site.

Municipal engineering

Underground infrastructure, storm-water management, drainage and subbases are included in our planning solution.

Lighting and electrical planning

Suitable lighting ensures the safety and accessibility of the site and a well as a pleasant user experience. Electrical planning also accounts for the needs of urban events.

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