Transport studies

High-quality surveys and studies are essential starting data for traffic planning. Our knowledgeable experts can prepare extensive and diverse surveys.

We provide all types of surveys, plans and coordination work related to traffic systems, both locally and nationally. We plan and implement the necessary traffic studies and calculations to be used as starting data.

Traffic system development

We provide local and national traffic system plans and coordinate and develop traffic system work in cooperation with our customers. 

Transportation mode surveys

We produce surveys related to different transportation modes, such as rail traffic, electric vehicles, smart traffic, cycling and walking. We also provide guideline and policy work.

Impact assessments

We prepare impact assessments related to, for example, the traffic service level, accessibility, road safety, driving costs and traffic-related emissions. We also provide comprehensive project assessments, benefit-cost calculations and sensitivity and scenario studies.

Road safety planning and support work

Our services for road safety operators aim to support municipalities in their road safety work. We also provide road safety plans, surveys and studies.

Mobility management

We assist you in planning intelligent mobility solutions and in mobility management plans for workplaces and events. We also provide pedestrian and bicycle coordination services for municipalities.

Traffic studies and calculations

We program traffic studies and provide calculations of motor vehicle, pedestrian and cyclist traffic and questionnaire studies, among other surveys. We also offer radar speed sign information services. We collect and analyse the data and report on the results.