Street and municipal engineering

Thanks to our nationwide network, we are the leading provider of municipal engineering planning services. Well-functioning streets and public utility services are an important part of the quality of life and a crucial area of development for us.

Our expertise is based on highly trained and motivated personnel and the latest technological tools. Our customers include cities, municipalities, construction companies and other industries. Our expertise covers the use and production of infrastructure data modelling and integrated models (building and infrastructure). Our work is managed by an efficient and ISO 9001 certified quality system.

Municipal engineering general plans for planning zones

We draft general plans for municipal engineering as part of the local planning for the area. General plans serve as a vital starting point for the drafting of road and construction plans. 

Street and construction plans for streets and public areas

The preparing of street and construction plans is diverse and demanding planning work. They include all areas of infrastructure planning. Street and construction plans form the strong core of our operations.

Water management general and construction plans

Together with our water services experts, we prepare water management plans for road construction projects and separate water supply projects.

Project management and consulting

Our seasoned project managers are available to manage and ensure the quality of demanding urban projects. They manage the planning of difficult sites and consult our customers in various problem situations.

Planning instructions

The drafting of planning instructions requires the best expertise in the industry. Our experts are involved in compiling the Katu2020 street planning guidelines, among others.