Rail planning

Sitowise provides comprehensive services for rail projects. Our services cover the life cycle of the project from the preliminary surveys to the construction planning and worksite supervision.

Laura Järvinen
Director, Railways and Structures
+358 40 866 4959

Our rail infrastructure planning department is responsible for both traditional general, railway and construction plans as well as surveys, guideline work and expert services related to rail infrastructure and rail traffic. Our expertise covers the rail, tram and metro operating environments. We also have professionals for tasks related to rail traffic planning, infrastructure modelling and geographic information systems. Our department has strong experience in risk management and the implementation of the common safety method (CSM).

General, rail and construction plans

Our strength is in versatile know-how in the planning of various sectors of rail projects. We provide general, rail and construction planning services and have strong experience in managing each stage of the planning process.

Infrastructure modelling

We are pioneers in infrastructure modelling processes related to rail infrastructure planning, and are continuously developing new methods for the field.

Expert services

We provide high-quality and versatile expert services for major infrastructure projects such as metro, tram and rail projects.

Guideline and survey work

We have carried out numerous guideline and survey work for our customers. The latest of these include the railway planning and technical guidelines RATO 16 and RATO 18.

Risk management and safety methods

We have strong experience in risk management and the implementation of the common safety method (CSM).

Railway environment infrastructure property management

We help our customers create functional plans, strategies and procedures for property management and provide customised information and maintenance services to support operations and decision-making.