Outdoor lighting

Skillfully implemented outdoor lighting creates livelier urban spaces during dark hours. Lighting is an efficient way to influence the identity, accessibility, feeling of safety and aesthetics of urban spaces. Significant savings in road and street lighting expenses can be achieved by utilizing the latest technology and smart solutions. We provide outdoor lighting and electricity infrastructure planning services nationwide.

Our range of services covers all types of lighting plans from concepts to implementation. We also provide services in the outsourcing of planning and in construction contracting. Our strengths are a tight and creative multidisciplinary cooperation, expertise in urban landscapes, and know-how of infrastructure electrical engineering. The electrical planning of infrastructure projects includes, for instance, staircase and trace heating, electrification of venues and pumping stations, and electrical planning for traffic management and passenger information systems. We also have experience with special projects, such as airport terminal electrical system planning.

Road and street lighting

Our level of planning ranges from needs assessments to general, road, street and construction plans. A typical project includes lighting calculations and the planning of lamp positions and network dimensions and substations.

Streets and urban spaces

Valuable cityscapes and other high end architectural sites are planned in cooperation with an architect or designer with respect  for the specific characteristics and needs of the site.

Artistic lighting and floodlighting

The work is carried out with urban and landscape planners and in close cooperation with the customer. The projects require test lightings and visualizations. 

Landscape lighting

Park lighting aims to emphasise the character of the area. Functionality of the site as well as technical requirements set the framework for areal lighting plans.

Tunnel lighting

We plan lighting for highway, street and bicycle tunnels, including their lighting and cost calculation comparisons, installation methods, control principles and electrical planning.

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