Bridges and special structures

We understand the planning process of bridges and other special structure from preliminary plans to maintenance tasks.

We offer expert and planning services for bridges and other special structures from individual pipe bridges to the country’s largest route and urban construction projects. We use appropriate computer modelling at each planning stage and are continuously developing solutions and operational models for the combining and efficient use of route and special structure computer models.

Ari Savolainen
Head of Department
+358 40 163 7772
Jussi Luokkakallio
Deputy Head of Department
+358 20 747 6073
Bridge planning

Preliminary, general and construction plans for road, rail, street and pedestrian and bicycle bridges. We are familiar with all building materials, including concrete, steel, wood and stone.

Underground structures

Structural planning for road and rail tunnels and underground parking facilities.

Water structures

Pier, seawall and dam structures.

Other special infrastructural components

Pile slabs, retaining walls, noise barriers, stairs, canopies.

Maintenance expert services

Condition monitoring, procedural programming, repair investment planning and implementation phase expert services for all aforementioned special structures.

External auditing of plans

External auditing of the general and construction plans of all aforementioned special structures.