Water system surveys and planning

We acquire and analyse information about water systems, and we assess the impacts on water systems to enable design and decision-making. We produce sustainable solutions for water system reconditioning and water-related construction projects.

We prepare water system surveys and we design and conduct water system impact assessments for various phases in a variety of infrastructure, energy, industrial and land-use projects. Your requirements and the preconditions set by the environmental authorities and regulations determine the scope and analytical level of the investigations and impact assessments. We can help you to identify the most sustainable, cost-efficient solutions. We also make use of our reliable network of partners to prepare dredging plans, biological surveys and modelling.

Surface water surveys and investigations, as well as impact assessments

We prepare investigative programmes, and we conduct and report on investigations. We prepare surveys and impact assessments to suit the requirements of various phases in infra-structure, energy, industrial and land-use projects.

Hydrological surveys, water system regulations and modelling

We make effective use of various environmental information systems and geoinformation for water system planning, as well as our diverse selection of modelling applications.

Aquatic vegetation, fish stocks and other biological surveys

We conduct biological surveys related to water system projects in collaboration with our network of partners.

Sediment surveys and risk assessments

We perform sediment studies and we evaluate the environmental risks involved in dredging and dumping.

Dredging and reconditioning plans

We prepare dredging and dumping plans for various water-related construction projects. We have prepared reconditioning plans for sites ranging from small contaminated industrial ponds all the way to large sites covering entire drainage basins of water systems. The key perspectives in planning are sustainable and cost-efficient solutions.

Water and environmental permit applications and declarations

We prepare applications in accordance with the water and environmental protection act, as well as related surveys and responses. We will gladly help you to cooperate with the authorities in order to facilitate the permit process.