The circular economy of dredging and project management services

Our expertise covers the preparation phase and implementation of projects. Our personnel have extensive experience in planning and implementing dredging and port construction projects in Finland and abroad.

We are experts in dredging projects relating to water systems, industry and ports.  We have the expertise to clarify the advantages and drawbacks of various dredging methods with regard to both implementation and cost impacts. We are able to manage such projects all the way from preliminary studies through to implementation, enabling maximum sustainability and cost-efficiency for the project.

Project management and construction contracting

We represent the client by leading dredging projects from start to finish and/or by taking care of the construction contracting tasks on such projects.

Testing and planning

We conduct slurry processing tests and/or prepare plans specifying the most suitable work procedures for the project, the slurry processing method and the work and material requirements and including plans and drawings related to projects.

Selecting a slurry processing method and final slurry disposal site

On the basis of the slurry’s characteristics and the results of the testing phase, we select a recommended slurry treatment method, and these selections lead to the specification of a final disposal site, which we can assist in identifying.

Independent quality control

We conduct independent quality control, both in relation to project manage-ment/construction contracting and for dredging projects as a separate service.