Responsible demolition

When a property’s purpose of use changes, it can entail the demolition of building masses on the property. Our PURKKI service can help you to conduct demolition responsibly, taking account of the entire life cycle of the change to the property.

PURKKI is a service package for responsible demolition, the circular economy and mass management. It has been made as effortless as possible for you, and the service always has relevant content. PURKKI is always tailored to the specific site, and it can include studies of the site, preparation a demolition permit application and preparation of demolition contract documents, as well as competitive tendering of contracts, construction contracting and supervision. If necessary, we can also ensure that demolished masses are reused. Depending on the site, our services also cover soil contamination studies and reconditioning.

Studies of hazardous substances in structures

The implementation method, procedure and content of the phases of demolition work, sorting and possibilities for reuse, as well as demolition planning.

Work programmes and contract documents

Procurement and cost calculations, the circular economy and controlling masses. Construction contracting for demolition contracts and technical environmental supervision.

Reuse surveys and planning, sites