Renewable material, byproduct and waste surveys

Our experts can help with a wide range of projects related to the creation, practical reuse and, if necessary, final disposal of renewable materials, by-products and waste.

We conduct various studies, surveys and assessments with professional competence. Our expert team consists of personnel from several disciplines, such as geoengineering, risk assessment, sampling, geoinformation and construction contracting. Our experienced experts actively keep track of changes to legislation (such as the MARA and MASA regulations) and seek sites where various materials could be put to use in an innovative and sustainable way in collaboration with our clients. Our services cover the project’s entire life cycle, from evaluations of the need for a study to the actual realisation phase and follow-up monitoring. Our samplers are certified by the Finnish Environment Institute (soil and solid waste).

Reuse viability studies (MARA))

We identify the viability of reusing by-products and reusable materials (such as ash, concrete and brick) on the basis of the technical properties and the environmental viability.  We prepare the plans and MARA declaration required.

Soil waste (MASA)

We identify the viability of reusing various types of soil waste, and we help to identify sites where the materials could be used. We prepare plans and the necessary permit applications.

Waste surveys

We have wide-ranging experience with various quantitative and qualitative waste studies, as well as planning and steering such studies. We conduct quality control sampling on waste flows and reporting in accordance with the requirements of the authorities. If a material is not suitable for reuse, we conduct surveys and prepare statements on the viability of disposal on a waste dump, and we investigate the suitable and most economically favourable final disposal sites, along with shipment transfer documents.