Occupational and chemical safety

We help you to fulfil your obligations in relation to occupational and chemical safety and guaran-tee a safe working environment. For the town planning phase, we can also offer an impact assess-ment of the consequences of accidents in plants that process hazardous chemicals.

Sanna Vaalgamaa
Head of Department, Sustainability and Interaction Services
+358 40 632 4360

A safe working environment is a precondition for employee well-being. We conduct occupational hygiene surveys ranging from small plans to supervision during plant commissioning, acting as an independent external supervisor.

Impacts on people and the environment as a consequence of accidents at plants that handle hazardous chemicals must be taken into consideration during the town planning phase. Production plants as referred to in the Seveso directive are required to conduct surveys on a larger scale than for smaller production plans.

Occupational hygiene surveys and sampling, occupational safety surveys

Environment, health and safety (EHS) audits

Chemical dispersion modelling and assessment of the impacts of accidents

Safety documents and safety surveys for Seveso plants

Safety reviews applying to the industrial treatment and storage of chemicals, chemical ratio calculations

Explosion protection documents and ATEX consultancy