Noise, structure-borne noise and vibrations

We offer high-quality expertise and top know-how in noise, structure-borne noise and vibration surveys. We conduct a wide range of complex, diverse services, as well as smaller jobs that require rapid reaction.

We use a wide range of calculation applications and measuring equipment to conduct surveys. We take the special characteristics of surveys into consideration and manage the process from start to finish. This enables us to conduct surveys, whether large or small, in a high-quality, customer-oriented way. Our service offering covers surveys related to noise, structure-borne noise and vibrations ranging from extensive strategic surveys to detailed investigations for the building and construction permit phase, as well as preventive solutions.

Noise surveys and modelling, and noise measurements

We prepare calculated noise surveys to support processes in fields such as landuse changes, town planning and road projects, construction permits, and industrial and leisure permit processes. We use the most widely used modelling software in Finland: SoundPlan and CadnaA. We take noise measurements (sound level and sound power level measurements) using first-class, high-precision, integrated sound level meters. 

Noise prevention planning

The first step to noise prevention planning may be to investigate the need for noise prevention and identify alternative noise prevention solutions. In addition to dimensioning structures and noise barriers, the noise prevention solution may include an investigation of the impact of operating times and the location of operations on the creation or dispersion of noise.

Construction plans for noise barriers

Construction plans for noise barriers include aspects such as the method for laying foundations for noise barriers (barriers, fences and railings to prevent noise), along with the structures, appearance and landscape design of such barriers, as well as planning to reuse old material, particularly in sound barrier structures, by working in collaboration with structural and geo designers, architects and other experts.

Noise barrier construction contracting services and noise reports

We offer noise barrier construction contracting services and we prepare noise reports, as well as related extra plans in accordance with the customers’ needs.

Structure-borne noise surveys

We prepare calculated and measurement-based structure-borne noise surveys for existing and planned buildings.

Vibration surveys

In vibration projects, we offer you a similar service package to our surveys of noise and structure-borne noise, covering the measurements, calculations, analyses and reporting re-quired for surveys, as well as planning and construction contracting for vibration prevention, if necessary.