Impact assessments, permits and surveys

We conduct environment-related surveys, assessments and studies, and we handle permit processes for the public and private sectors.

We combine environmental factors, a social perspective, data management, interaction and communication in all our operations. Our services include studies, surveys and assessments, as well as preparing operating policies, plans, instructions and documents in interaction with our customers and various other parties.

We conduct environmental surveys and assessments on various sites from the strategic level down to individual projects in close collaboration with our customers. We also handle permit processes. We plan and execute our work so as to support planning and decision-making, as well as interaction between different entities during the various phases of planning. We bring together the required expertise from our extensive and diverse group of experts based on the customer’s requirements, the site being inspected and the environment.

Over the years, we have conducted numerous environmental impact assessments (EIAs) as well as environmental impact assessments covering plans and programmes run by the authorities (SO-VAs). These include comprehensive investigations of the impacts on people, land use, nature and landscapes as required by legislation. Our assessment expertise covers areas including energy, soil, ports and waterborne traffic, wind farms, traffic and land use. We have been actively involved in developing methodical assessments and interaction expertise, as well as assessments of the impacts on people.

Surveys of the recycling of various materials and masses

Environmental surveys

Environmental impact assessment (EIA, SOVA)

Social and human impact assessments (SIA, HuIA)

Financial impact assessment

Environmental permits, water permits and separate surveys related to permit projects (noise, dust, nature surveys) and responses and appeals related to permit processes

Environmental reporting

Environmental monitoring programmes